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This one’s for you, mom!


My journey to Madrid: Possibly not over yet

The story

Now in Madrid, I see my journey here as having started on Sunday night in Seattle.

My flight departed from Vancouver at 6:30 pm on Monday, I thought. I approached Sunday with easy. I went for a run, I shaved, I went shopping… I didn’t start packing until the evening, at which time I glanced at the departure time of my flight—6:30 IN THE MORNING! My bad.:-P As Michael Scott once said, “I, for one, love the hilarious hijinks I get myself into.”

I threw my stuff in a suitcase, packing list be damned, and my parents rushed me to Vancouver late that night. (Thanks, mom and dad!)

As a prize for booking the cheapest flight, my itinerary took me from Vancouver to Toronto to Frankfurt to Madrid. And it wouldn’t be a cheap flight without something, or things, going wrong. Continue reading “My journey to Madrid: Possibly not over yet”