My journey to Madrid: Possibly not over yet

The story

Now in Madrid, I see my journey here as having started on Sunday night in Seattle.

My flight departed from Vancouver at 6:30 pm on Monday, I thought. I approached Sunday with easy. I went for a run, I shaved, I went shopping… I didn’t start packing until the evening, at which time I glanced at the departure time of my flight—6:30 IN THE MORNING! My bad.:-P As Michael Scott once said, “I, for one, love the hilarious hijinks I get myself into.”

I threw my stuff in a suitcase, packing list be damned, and my parents rushed me to Vancouver late that night. (Thanks, mom and dad!)

As a prize for booking the cheapest flight, my itinerary took me from Vancouver to Toronto to Frankfurt to Madrid. And it wouldn’t be a cheap flight without something, or things, going wrong. Continue reading

Laid over in Toronto

My Condor flight from Toronto to Frankfurt was canceled, so they put us up in our own hotel rooms at the downtown Marriott as we wait for our rescheduled flight. According to the plaque on my hotel room door, it’s 900 Canadian dollars per night!