Zona de Confort

Returning to Madrid from Brussels, I felt the distinct relief of returning to a comfort zone. I sometimes felt uncomfortable in Brussels because I didn’t know the lay of the land or a word of French or German. This feeling caused me to realize how much I’ve grown since I moved to Spain three months ago. Woohoo! Also, I wish I made more of an effort to record my experiences on my blog. My resolution for 2K17, I guess!


One thought on “Zona de Confort

  1. Buenos dias. I always admire and try to learn from your willingness to leave a comfort zone. But it is good to have a comfort zone to return to. Hope you have more time to keep up the blog but I know it can be “one more thing to do”.
    My resolution is to chop all my veggies or what ever into the same size pieces like Tom does.


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