Man Ray in Madrid


I’ve heard one of Madrid’s museums has a Man Ray collection. Can’t wait to see his surrealist art in person!


4 thoughts on “Man Ray in Madrid

  1. Jim, your mom says you’ve rented an apt. near Retiro – excellent location!! Be sure to go to the Reina Sophia museum (I think that’s where Picasso’s “Guernica” is), the Thyssen, and of course, the Prado. Have a blast!!!


    1. Thanks for the message, Laurie and Tom! Nice to hear from you. Yes, I did find a room in the Pacifico neighborhood, 1 km south of Retiro Park. I ran around the park today and was amazed. It’s so well manicured. Can’t wait to check out the museums nearby. Can you recommend me some travel destinations in Spain?


      1. Hi Jim, So you have an apartment. Do you have a Post Office address there? I wonder how long a postal message would take to get there.? Laurie’s right about the museums: “Guernica” is in the Reina Sophia. Goya’s in the Prado. Of course, you must be planning to go to (goofy) Barcelona. Super architecture all over in Madrid and Barcelona. Lucky you! Love, Gammy


    2. Jim!
      I was having some difficulty navigating your blog but now I know how to access my comments! (Durn technology!) Definitely check out El Rastro – a big flea market that used to run on Sundays but maybe more now. Take side trips to Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca, and Jerez – beautiful little (used to be) towns not too far away.


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